Meet Rose


Rose Hartschuh is passionate about helping the public understand what farmers do every day. As a wife and mother, she sees firsthand the challenges and opportunities that come with raising a family on the farm. She also understands that for her children to have the opportunity to continue the family business, the public must appreciate the important role that farmers play in our society. Rose is a former high school agriculture teacher, and now she enjoys working with audiences of all sizes to foster a positive perception of America’s farmers. She’s a past Ohio FFA President, an American Farm Bureau Excellence in Agriculture award winner, and she serves on the Ohio Farm Bureau board of trustees. She’s just as comfortable in the seat of a tractor as she is behind the podium. It’s impossible to describe Rose in just a short paragraph, but sit down with her with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and she’ll fill you in.

Check out these links to businesses and organizations that are near and dear to Rose’s heart!

Acres of Adventure

Did you know that Rose and her husband have launched a nonprofit corporation  to help people connect with the farmers that grow their food? Website | Facebook

Hartschuh Dairy Farm

Rose and Greg are raising the fifth generation of farm kids on Hartschuh Dairy Farm. Learn more about the farm and what’s happening this season. Website | Facebook

Hartschuh Seed Solutions

Corn, soybeans, cover crops, and more: Rose and Greg offer quality agronomic service and supplies to their farming neighbors. Facebook

Ohio’s Rural America Relief

Ohio’s Rural America Relief started with volunteering after Kansas wildfires, and it’s grown into a volunteer organization all its own. Website | Facebook